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Midnight Show IV in 9 epizodes

art edition layout
and logo of Midnight Show fourth edition

9 issues of magazine-exhibition accomanying
New Horizons Film Festival
Publisher: New Horizons Association in co. with BWA Dizajn
Language: Polish, English
ISBN 978-83-945651-0-7
ISBN 978-83-945651-3-4
each issue: 10 pages
315 x 470 mm
Wrocław 2016






Midnight Show was created in 2013 as a project carried out by the Dizajn BWA Wrocław gallery within the framework of T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival.

This time it was proposed an exhibition that the viewers could take away with them. This exhibition was bigger than any of the previous Midnight Shows, because #paperismorepatient. Among the 99 invited participants there were visual artists, musicians, film makers, writers and curators. Each of them were asked for one work—one page—one moment: Midnight Show.

The exhibition has been divided into 9 parts on paper. Each of them appeared at midnight each of Festival Days and was available during 60 minutes. 23 hours later the audience was invited for the next part. The time spent later on with Midnight Show depended on the viewer.

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